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Certification passed


LKZ, JSC obtained Certificate of compliance of FBU RS FZHT on Evolution series locomotives, which opens up access to the CIS and Baltic countries’ market

August 1, 2014 Joint-Stock Company “Lokomotiv kurastyru zauyty” obtained certificate of the Federal budget institution “Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport (FBU “RS FZHT”) for Evolution series TE33AC locomotives on compliance with Russian safety standards of NB ZhT TsT 02-98.

The history of passing through all stages of certification was not easy.

In 2011, LKZ, JSC signed contracts for certification and certification testing with the FBU RS FZhT and certification testing of the locomotive started. In parallel, certification of locomotive components also started.

Within the 1st stage of certification, in the 3-4 quarter of 2011, a series of engineering tests of the locomotive were conducted, in which the specialists of “VNIKTI” test center revealed  inconsistencies of the locomotive to the safety standards. All the revealed inconsistencies were eliminated with assistance of LKZ, JSC designers, General Electric (GE) Company and Russian research institutes.

Within the 2nd stage of certification, LKZ, JSC filed a new application for certification of a pilot batch of TE33AC series locomotives (version 2). This locomotive is a modification of TE33A locomotive which passed certification in 2011.

April 5, 2013 TE33AC locomotive was sent to the site of “VNIKTI” test center in Kolomna city. During TE33AC series locomotive certification, Russia’s test centers such as VNIKTI, VNIIZhG, VNIIZhT, NIIAS and Center of Expertise, LLC and etc. were involved. In July 2013 certification testing of TE33AC locomotive was successfully completed and positive results obtained.

In the system of certification on the Federal Railway (SSFZhT), Certificate for the whole locomotive will not be issued without certificates for all components of the locomotive, subject to mandatory certification in SSFZhT. Certification of locomotive components was in responsibility of GE and the producers of components themselves, other than the certification of finishing axis and wheel sets, manufactured at LKZ, JSC; totally, over 60 locomotive components were subject to confirmation of correspondence.

On the eve of obtaining the certificate there were serious risks that one of the companies- manufacturers of the components couldn’t get certificates for its components till August 2, 2014, when Technical regulations of the Customs Union officially entered into force. Delays occurred due to late start of components testing and preparing test results, etc.

Finally, August 1, 2014, LKZ, JSC obtained long-expected certificate. For the first time in the history of independent Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan manufacturer of traction rolling stock received a certificate of conformity of the locomotive.

Certificate was passed to LKZ, JSC representatives on August 7 at a solemn ceremony in Moscow (to the head of TRSC Department Nurhaliev G.)

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