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General Electric (GE)

General Electric (GE)

One of the principal partners of «Locomotive Kurstyru Zauyty» is General Electric (GE) Company.

One of the principal partners of «Locomotive Kurstyru Zauyty» is General Electric (GE) Company.

GE – is a global diversified company with operation in the field of infrastructure projects development, finances and mass-media to meet the challenges of modernity. From incandescent lamps production up to adoption of technologies on the basis of fuel cell batteries and development of cleaner energy saving aviation engines, GE and its innovations forms directions of development of our world for more than 130 years.

GE History in Russia and CIS
In Russia and CIS GE has been operating since beginning of XX century. In 1922 proposal for cooperation performed by C. Steinmetz, GE chief engineer, who in the letter to V.I. Lenin outlined the possible options of cooperation, particularly – within the framework of energy infrastructure development in Soviet Union. As a result in 1920-1930 GE is not only participated in electrical projects in USSR area, but also delivered the first locomotives for railways and other essential industrial equipment.
GE Representative Office was opened in Moscow in 1974, and from the ending of 80th XX century GE started to develop regional presence rapidly. As a result today markets of Russia and CIS are represented of all GE business subdivisions – from production of aviation engines, equipment for energy generation and provision of financial services up to development of water treatment and conditioning systems, imaging methods in medicine, creation of television programs and movies.

Thomas Edison and GE
Thomas Edison came into a world an inventor in genius. In less it is known his innovative technologies in business management. Combining various businesses for innovative products, Thomas Edison created a prototype of modern GE.

R&D heritage
In 1900 GE opened the first research and development laboratory in USA. Today, specialists of GE Global Research department continue to implement up-to-date technologies in modern life, recording the thousands of patents a year and thus received two Nobel Prizes.
1.GE consists of five fast-paced businesses in the field of finances, infrastructure and mass-media. Business- subdivisions in such a way, that to achieve the success in the market today and hold oneself ready to emerging opportunities in future.

Infrastructure businesses contribute to development of energy, transport, medical, oil and gas infrastructures of new century. These business-subdivisions provide products and services that make it more competitive in developing regions at a global economy level, as well as renew an equipment fleet of developed countries by means of cleaner and more efficient infrastructure equipment.

Company financial business units offer a wide range of products and services to commercial firms, private consumers and different markets around the world. With more capacious and thus more более focused structure, GE Capital is focused on developing of strategic alliances and joint ventures, which would allow GE to derive a maximum benefit from implementation of emerging market opportunities.

Mass media
1. In NBC Universal, which is one of the world leading media companies, we produce, create and promote to the general public our movies, television and news programs, sportcasts and special events. However, as a result of increasing of digital technologies distribution, the form of communication and information services marketing has undergone significant changes. Whether it is increasing the role of cable television or "monetization" of internet, GE contributes to the development of current technologies, as well as to search of new and effective ways of business performance in the future.
2. The range of GE business unit’s activities is expressed in wide range of products and services and covers a many sectors of economy and large number of consumers around the world. All GE businesses share one purpose in common: everyone uses imagination power in order to make our clients lives better.

GE – is a world leader in manufacturing of jet propulsion engines and aircraft maintenance. Also we offer a gas turbine units for use in ship building, other commercial and military use.
Since 1992 GE engines are successfully operated in aircrafts of Russian companies "Aeroflot", "Transaero", "Sibir", "Volga-Dnepr" and other airlines. Aviation subdivision cooperates in the area of research and development with Russian companies and scientific institutes, which includes – Central Institute of Aircraft Motor-building, ВСМПО and Research and Development Company Saturn.

Over the period of more than 100 years GE is world leading manufacturer in the field of water conditioning and treatment, offering advanced technologies in water treatment for industry, agriculture and personal consumption, including demineralization, membranous treatment and separation.

GE – is a leading supplier of products and services for railways all over the world, having a leading positions in the area of locomotive construction and railway transport management, solution of which are advantageous in terms of economy and ecology. Company produces diesel freight and passenger locomotives, railway alarm equipment, diesel motors for railway and marine transport, as well as driving units for heavy duty dump tracks and drilling units.

Public health
GE Healthcare experience and knowledge in the area of medical imaging and diagnostics, information technologies, patients supervision systems, medical investigations, biopharmaceuticals and development of medical preparations are aimed to early diagnosis and individual therapy for each patient.
Operating for more than 20 years in Russia, GE Healthcare subdivision delivered more than 2000 units of advanced medical equipment for more than 750 medical facilities, situated in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Belgorod, Ufa, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and other Russia cities.

Oil and gas
GE in the world level offers high technology equipment, services and comprehensive solution for oil and gas section. Disposing a engineering centers and production capacities in Europe and USA, GE Oil&Gas subdivision offers comprehensive solution for oil and gas recovery, transportation, storage and refining, gas liquefaction, for petrochemical industry and development of integrated system of oil and gas transportation, including analysis and pipeline system evaluation.

Since, as Thomas Edison invented a more perfect filament for incandescent lamp, GE has made the world much brighter. 130 years later GE continues to provide innovative products and for consumer, industrial and commercial markets.

Power distribution
GE offers a wide range of complex equipment for safety and reliable distribution of electrical power energy. Products and solution in the field of power distribution and control are widely used both in commercial and industrial and individual purposes.

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