Production equipment
For the purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation, we present you our enterprise – “Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty” joint stock company as a potential partner in the manufacture of metal structures and non-standard equipment.
Highly qualified personnel, modern process equipment from the world's best machine tool manufacturers allow us to solve problems in the production of metal structures of varying complexity.
The enterprise uses the most modern technologies for the design of metal structures and non-standard equipment.
The computer system for technical preparation of production used at the plant is based on modern software and hardware.
The design and technological bureau of the plant has designed more than 1,500 units of non-standard equipment, tools and fixtures.
The production capacities of the enterprise allow us to produce complex metal structures in a short time and timely satisfy customers' requests with high quality.
The process equipment park of the enterprise includes more than 1000 units of machine tools and machining centers, including those made in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, etc.
Modern machines for nesting workpieces with high accuracy represent:
Laser Cutting Machines By Vention 3015
Portal laser cutting machine MicroStep
Plasma cutting machines MultiCam 3000Plazma, gas plasma cutting machine CRM Plasma
Portal thermal cutting machine SUPRAREX SXE-P
Press shears Ermaksan EKM, coordinate punch press Tru Punch 5000 - the machine of advanced technology of modern mechanical engineering provides high speed and quality of processing.
TruLaser 1060 portal laser machine
These machines provide a high quality solution for the economical processing of sheet metal.
The processing of parts of bodies of rotation (axles, centers, shafts) is provided on modern lathes and machining centers with high accuracy and cleanliness of processing at high speeds, namely:
Spinner TC-600 lathe machining center
TUR-800MN lathe
YOUJI inclined bed lathe
1E516F3 lathe and boring lathe
AVIAturn50 turning center
CNC Lathe NL 3000 BM
Milling, boring, drilling works are performed on machining centers:
Milling machining center SPINNER MVC-1600
Milling machining center MCV-1700 DAHLIH
Horizontal boring machine with CNC 2A656F4
Jig boring machine
Universal milling machines
VDF 1500 Milling machining center
Bending and stamping of parts is performed on new generation sheet bending machines with a force from 80 to 500 tf of the ERMAKSAN and TRUMPE series, namely:
Press brake TRUMPE TruBend 5320
Press brake Ermaksan CNC AP5300-22kW
Press brake Ermaksan CNC AP 3120-11kW
Press brake Ermaksan CNC AP 3180-7.6kW
Press shears Ermaksan EKM 60 / 120-5.5kW
Press brake TRUMPETruBend 5170-28kW
Press brake TRUMPE TruBend 3120-27kW
Press brake Ermaksan CNC AP 5500
For bending pipes, programmed pipe bending machines are installed:
CNC DW 114 NCB pipe bending machine
CNC DW 80CNC-HRST pipe bending machine
For the production of tools and the processing of parts with high hardness, wire cut electrical discharge machine CHMER is installed.

In addition to the metalworking equipment of the main production, the enterprise has an experimental workshop where there are universal turning, milling, drilling, grinding machines and presses and pipe processing machine.

Welding works are performed on semiautomatic welding machines of the ESABig 500 series - 56 units, Lorch dialog - 56 units. In this case, KISTLER R 3000 rotary positioners are used with a load capacity of 3 to 25 tons.

A Fanuc robotic welding system is used for welding of longitudinal beams of the undercarriage.
Manual arc welding with a covered electrode;
The production staff is certified for welding methods:
Arc welding with a non-consumable (tungsten) electrode;
Semi-automatic welding in shielding gases (flux-cored, solid, metal-cored wire);
Automatic submerged arc welding, resistance welding.
The FOX portal milling machine is an innovative idea that combines traditional roughing capabilities with the speed and accuracy of high-performance machining.

Also, the machine has a unique temperature control system in the vertical axis of the machine to ensure the geometric stability of the slide.
The FOX portal milling machine
In addition, the plant provides:
Equipment for cleaning sheet metal - a shot blasting chamber
Equipment for cleaning metal structures after annealing
Shot blasting chamber
Annealing furnace
Vapor blasting chamber (phosphating)
Painting booths
Powder painting booth
At the moment, Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty" JSC has the ability to manufacture orders from enterprises of varying degrees of complexity, providing high quality and favorable prices.